My Family


Folks, the one on the picture above is my daughter, her name is Katya Kirana Azalia – she will be 4 years old in the next few days. You can also spot some fingers there, playing the panda puppet, those fingers belong to my lovely wife Reti Oktania – she studied Psychology in Universitas Indonesia and until mid of 2016 was working as HR Manager for Ford Indonesia. 

The beautiful thing about these two are the fact that they spend their time every single day interacting each other, via some activities and tools made by my wife – through a combination of creativity and knowledge about the baby coming from some psychology theory. 

For example as you can see on the picture, they were playing puppets – sharing some stories about animals – it was fun and on the other side helping the kid to build her communication skill. I will write some other interesting thing about them later in this blog – hope you enjoy it.

Mid of 2015, we got a new family member, our second daughter Mischa Pratista Afrina. And end of 2015, I accepted the offer to go to Hamburg for two years assignment, so I think most of the posting these period of times will mostly about our journey in Europe. 

Ah anyway if you are interested to see their activities, following her instagram @retioktania is the best way.


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