One Fine Day in Giethoorn

Last week, we were travelling to Holland (again – like we have travelled there 5 times in these 7 months!) for our friend’s wedding – a very beautiful wedding, I should write one other article about it.

Our trip this time was different, because we were renting a car to travel ourself here and there. And because we have the car, and some free time, we decided to go to Giethoorn – the Venice from the North! A small village located about 120 KM from Amsterdam.

I never expected that the place would be that wonderful. A small genuine village, with its cows and ducks, that had rivers that transport people from one place to another. We rented a boat and had a great time to drive through the river and the lake. What a fairytale adventure, closed with some great lunch.

Surprisingly the price of the food and the boat rent are also very reasonable. The people were also very friendly, and speak good english as most people in Netherland do.


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