A Short Getaway to Prague

We were coming to Prague! A very famous city located in Czech Republic, just about 90 minutes away from Hamburg with a direct flight.

First time we landed, the airport was clean and full of ATMs, no need to exchange your money to Krona in advance since you can make it easier here, firstly the rate is relatively good, you can get it about 24 Krona per Euro in ATM machine, or about 26-27 Krona in the exchange centers. However the only thing that we anticipated were the transportation from Airport, Prague have a very good Metro Lines, but unfortunately none of these lines ended up in the airport. So you need to use bus number 119 to get to the closest Metro station, the tariff for 90 minutes usage of public transport is 32 Krona, and you can buy the ticket in the airport – remember yourself that none of the ticket are sold by the bus or tram driver. And one more thing, since they were using time based ticket, do not forget to put your ticket to the yellow box before entering station or inside the bus, and make sure your ticket  time stamped when you travel, or else you will get some problem when the Police do some random checking.

However since we are travelling with kids, we ordered a car from prague-air-transport.co.uk, we can have a good car, baby seats, and very good services for about 550 Krona to our hotel in the center of Prague.

The city itself was beautiful, not crowded, and relatively cheap compared to other cities in Europe. We were visiting several places, could not be too much since we were travelling with 4 years old and 8 months old baby, such as the national museum (where Katya spent so many times palying in the kid corner – during the Noah Ark exhibition), the old town center with its famous 600 years old astronomical clock – and fortunately a lot of interesting Prague product since they had an Easter market there. Last but not least, which is the most magical in my opinion, the Charles Bridge, as beautiful as the bridges in Disney movies (I watched too many of it due to the order from the sisters).

One silly thing about Prague, you cannot cross the street easily! The distance between the crossilng lines was a bit too far in my opinion, and to make it more colorful, they set the green light for as short as 4 seconds! So prepare yourself to run 30 meters in just 4-5 seconds before the light gone away.

An awesome experience, unfortunately we did not have too much time, and it was freezing cold there. Hope to see you again someday Prague!


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