Hagenbeck Tierpark!

When you come to Germany, and searching for a place called zoo maybe in your waze or gmap, you will never be able to found it – like what we did few months ago. They keep it their way by calling it as Tierpark, tier from animals and park just for park. And luckily we got a great Tierpark here in Hamburg, Hagenbeck Tierpark!

The park was big, so clean, having so many animals, and it has panorama concept, a concept where no big wall installed to keep the distance between the animals and the visitors. You know what, this concept are seriously developed through research, to know how far the gap will be needed to install the pit or water barrier to prevent the animals coming out from their place – and the one created the concept was Hagenbeck himself! Awesome.

It was big enough to keep wide ranged animals, from polar bear, 100 years old turtles, or simply ducks in a very nice garden. Even Mischa had some fun with these animals, thanks to the panorama concept.



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