Discover Mini Indonesia in TMII

Folks, if you really want to see every single part of Indonesia in less than a day – please come to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The place is located in East Side of Jakarta, you can easily go there through available road transportation – taxi or if you want some rush of blood to your head, you can use bus to Kampung Rambutan Terminal, before using ojeg or bajaj – just kidding.

Once you entered Taman Mini (with 10,000 IDR or about 1 US$ entrance fee) you will then realize how big and rich Indonesia is. You will be able to visit pavilions that represent 26 provinces of Indonesia – including Timor Timur, our ex. In every pavilion you have the chance to see their traditional house – which are unique and quite big – including some part of their tradition such as traditional dress, music instruments, colors, and even animals.

I have no idea about their safety level – but if you have time you can use the sky train, will cost you about 30,000 IDR but then you will be able to see Taman Mini from one end to other end. Will be useful so you can plan your trip there, since the area is just so big, maybe you cannot get all of the attraction in one day.

In addition they also provide some attraction for kids such as reptile zoo, kids castle, and two swimming pools. It will be great experience for you and your children. But I believe the place will be a bit crowded if you visit them on weekend.



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