The Blend of Merapi, Sunrise, and Borobudur in Punthuk Setumbu Hill


Borobudur is one of the world’s greatest wonder, located near Jogjakarta, the world’s biggest Buddhist temple was built about 1200 years ago by Syaillendra dynasty. A stunning wonder with more than 500 stupas built in the temple. 

Jogjakarta also famous for other natural attraction, Mount Merapi. And last month, we were looking for a chance to see those two wonders in one shot. We intended to see the sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu Hill, a hill located about 5 km from Borobudur temple when you can see the sun coming behind Merapi, with Borobudur gracefully fell asleep surrounded by mountain ranges and mighty hills.

To catch the sun rise you have to be there at the latest 5.30, the entrance fee was 15,000 rupiah (1.5 US$) – after the entrance you will need to take a 15 minutes walk to reach the forest. Honestly it was not easy for me since I was not using a hiking shoes, a bit slippery. 

Unfortunately it was foggy. So I couldn’t take a picture of that great combination, however I found a good image taken by David W Ray, to perfectly describe the image of a perfect blend of Jogjakarta wonders. 





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