How to Make Child Loves Brushing Teeth

I was raised as industrial engineer and currently working in marketing field, What I learned about change management was starting it from changing the attitude, moving to changing the behaviour, then voila you can create a new culture (that on most cases will be followed as new product introduction – I am marketer :)).

Few weeks before, we had problem with our daughter unwillingness to brush her teeth, we couldnt let that happen since it will bring bad impact to her health (and appearance) in the future. My wife were leading the project, with no formal name, maybe we can call it #KatyasGreatSmile movement, which was intended to bring some joy in her tooth brushing experience – then she will love it – then it becomes a habit. Brilliant plan right? 🙂

First, she asked her to pick her most favourite tooth brush – she assumed that this will bring ownership and good bond at least with the tools. A first stage.

Afterward, she researched some things that can motivate Katya to brush, we found that linking the activity to some figures like Elmo or Dora through movies and books was effective.


Reward and punishment are always important in this kind of change management, therefore my wife made the rule that everytime the kid brushed her teeth she will receive a sticker (sticker was one of her favourite thing) that can be placed on a control paper. Once the control paper completed, we will give her something such as book, or a trip.


And finally – something I can take part – reinforcement. Addingg some motivation to make sure the habit will sustain for long time, not just a one week activity, some people said that once you regularly did it for 40 days, it will always be part of your instinct.


There goes the project – a combination of psychology, and marketing theory for our dear Katya.


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