Gembira Loka Zoo Jogjakarta

Gembira Loka Zoo Jogjakarta

You know when we were going to Jogjakarta, almost no one advised us to go to Gembira Loka Zoo. Therefore we were not thinking that this zoo is good enough, and on the other side we didn’t hear so many thing about this zoo, unlike Batu Zoo that were so famous.

Surpisingly the zoo was so good, the size was not as big as Ragunan or Batu, but you can find some interesting thing such as big ship (they have lake inside the zoo), good zoo train (cost you IDR 5,000 for every stop – total 6 stops), clean and well maintained facilities, and friendly employees. Located between the city center and the airport, visiting this zoo is a must if you want to bring some excitements to your child.


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