A Journey to Jogjakarta

A video about our trip to Jogjakarta, a place located about 500 kilometer from Jakarta. The city itself are so culturally rich, they are doing life like what their grand father did hundred year ago.

If you have interest to study the history of Jogjakarta – which also become important part of Indonesia history – you can visit Ullen Sentalu museum, located in Kaliurang.

For those who like to enjoy shopping, to be exact a traditional one, you can spend your night in Malioboro street. You will find so many relatively cheap items there together with some traditional food. On the night, you can eat some food and listen to street artists performance.

We were also spare some time to visit Borobudur temple, a very big temple that previously was part of the world’s 7 wonders. It is located about an hour trip from Jogjakarta, the place is relatively well managed, clean, but the air temperature was so high.

Actually there are some other big temples there named Prambanan and Ratu Boko, but Katya was sick so we couldn’t explore those places. Maybe later.


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